Most of my work is the result of my observation of the objects and environment that surround my daily life. I like to explore the variety and many possibilities of relationships and connections between the world and me. I am seeking a visual voice or a sound that would communicate on the interactions between the outward views and introspections of my mind, as well as the tone of the theme itself.

Photography is not only a process of transformation in itself, but it also transforms my thoughts and emotions into a visual image. In other words, it is my way of asking and seeking answers to some of life’s most seemingly abstract questions. It is a journey of discovery and understanding. When I shooting a photograph, I strive to imagine how I would like it to appear and describe the concept within. I experiment and try to capture the object/subject from multiple perspectives and with different lighting conditions.

My goal in photographing a subject is to capture both the nature of the subject/object and my personal point of view. I am not trying to solely document the scene, but rather I am trying to find the answers.